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Welcome to SALT!

We are a 18+ Horde PVE guild located on Twisting Nether EU that focuses on clearing relevant heroic and mythic content.
Our goal is to provide a fun but progressive environment for raiding alongside our real lives.

The guild was formed by bringing together friends from different guilds and making a new fresh start for legion.

We are looking to expand our roster for Legion and beyond, and have several vacancies for players who can demonstrate maturity (18+), commitment and knowledge of their class and spec. 

Even if we are full on your class/spec we are always open to take a look at exceptional players/applications.

Remember to check our RULES SCHEDULE and ADDONS

Socials are also welcome :) If you have any questions contact: Zherin, Moonfly or Vrenck.

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Welcome to SALT :-)

by <Moonfly>, 339 days ago

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